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SpectrumVu Autonomous Multi-Node Monitoring System

Key Features:

  • Scalability from one room to an entire campus

  • Fully autonomous operation

  • User customizable spectral events settings

  • Known signals can be monitored or ignored by operator

  • Unknown signals are stored in an SQL database

  • Automatic alerts can be generated upon discovery of  unknown signals

  • Critical signal parameters are automatically logged for spectral events

  • Nodes can be used to create a known signal "mask"

  • Signals with power above user-defined threshold can create alerts

  • Signals outside of "mask" can create alerts

  • Each node can record spectral events in real time 

  • Command center can quickly load new spectral parameters


SpectrumVu® operates by networking few to many, indoor or outdoor, high-performance RF sensors operating synchronously and constantly monitoring the RF spectrum. All spectral incidents are continuously logged in an SQL database for analysis and report generation. It is both powerful and simple to operate without the need of an operations specialist. 

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