Remote spectrum monitoring of indoor and outdoor Erisys node sensors from a single node for one room to dozens of nodes for an entire campus, ship, or base.

Key Features

  • Scalability from one room to an entire campus

  • Fully autonomous operation

  • User customizable spectral events settings

  • Known signals can be monitored or ignored by operator

  • Unknown signals are stored in an SQL database

  • Automatic alerts can be generated upon discovery of  unknown signals

  • Critical signal parameters are automatically logged for spectral events

  • Nodes can be used to create a known signal "mask"

  • Signals with power above user-defined threshold can create alerts

  • Signals outside of "mask" can create alerts

  • Each node can record spectral events in real time 

  • Command center can quickly load new spectral parameters

SpectrumVu® Overview Video

Indoor sensor node with fanless design

Ruggedized fanless sensor node designed to meet IP67

IP67 Rugged System with RSA518 Spectrum Analyzer

2019812 pdf_RSN 300i and 500r Overview.p