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SigPro Data Capture, Playback, and Analysis System

The SigPro System is an Enterprise-class instrument controller, recorder, and data router that can capture and analyze data streams with <= 1Ghz real time bandwidths from a RF Spectrum Analyzer. Previously captured IQ Data files can be played back via a RF Signal Generator unit.  The SigPro controls the Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator.

SigPro systems connect to world-class test instruments ensuring accurate signal recordings, playback, and analysis. The SigPro system has been integrated with world class manufacturers of test equipment and is also functions as the centralized controller for all three systems.  SigPro systems store IQ file data on four removable storage modules as shown to the left.  Each module can store  4 to 30TB for a total storage capacity up to 120TB.  Modules can be removed and installed on other SigPro-2000 or SigPro-4000 systems.  

Caputred IQ files can be analyzed using Erisys' ZoomOut® Signal Analysis Software.

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