Data recording and playback providing post-capture signal analysis for single or multiple short or extended files.  Provides multiple simultaneous views of signal data. 

Key Features:

  • Signal search based on amplitude events or pulses

  • User-customizable marker locations for looping

  • View search results in table or graphical formats

  • FFT with programmable overlap and speed control

  • Spectrum control for maxhold, continuous loop, window type and decay

  • Selectable window shaping for plotting frequency domain

  • Moving average filter smoothing points and reducing false positives

  • Export to other programs

  • Triple output display of spectrum, spectrogram and power Vs. time

Power Vs. Time

Sensor node with fanless design for indoor use 

Wideband Radar Chirp

Persistence Spectrum 

Ruggedized fanless sensor node designed to meet IP67

DataVu Intro Video