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Enriching Your RF
Spectrum Understanding Through Spectrum Analysis

We Put the Wireless World in Your Hands

We provide hardware, software, and systems that monitor, capture, playback, and analyze deep sections of the RF spectrum.  Our tools interface with world-class test instruments resulting in precise and accurate results.  We employ machine learning to find signals that would otherwise remain hidden.

With nearly 8 Billion cell phones operating today, over 3,000 satellites, countless radios, military signals, and many other devices the spectrum has become quite crowded.  Understanding what is in the spectrum and how it is being used is a huge challenge.  
Erisys meets this challenge.

The RF Spectrum has become a very crowded place full of known and unknown signals from all manner of devices.  Erisys provides solutions that capture, playback, monitor, and help users analyze the RF Spectrum. 

At Erisys, we’re passionate about demystifying this problem.  Our products have been engineered to do the hard work in the background while remaining surprisingly simple to operate.  We are always interested in learning about challenges our customers face as this drives our development to create solutions designed to overcome these challenges.  Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments about our current offerings or something you need that is not listed here.  We are constantly looking for new problems to solve.

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